Filming yourself is not an easy task.  The advent of action POV cameras such as the GoPro and Contour has helped amateur videographers catch themselves on tape without the help of a cameraman.  These are great, but are usually only good for close shots either attached to the user or somewhere near, and only provide a fairly static shot.  SOLOSHOT helps you get those long panning shots all by yourself, of yourself, automatically. With the transmitter attached to you, the Soloshot will follow your every move. The transmitter has a 2,000 foot range and is both waterproof and salt proof. The soloshot base is made from a rugged polymer and comes with an adjustable tripod. The base spins freely 360°continuously, so you won’t miss any of the action. The Soloshot works with most cameras with a 1/4″ mount, from camcorders to DSLRs. You no longer need to drag your camera man with you for that early morning surf session.  Includes base, transmitter, tripod, travel bag, armband, wall charger, float. Buy ($299)

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