Winter has arrived, making physical fitness goals tough to reach, especially without clear results. SKULPT Aim seeks to change that. This handheld body composition and muscle quality analyzer is the perfect tool to track and pinpoint results and problem areas. Founded by doctors and engineers, SKULPT aims to provide a medical-grade device that can quantify muscle quality (MQ) and body fat percentage quickly and easily.  The Aim is used by simply placing the device over the muscle you want to measure, and the results are instant. MQ and fat percentage are immediately displayed on the device for that area.  This helps to track the problem areas and know which muscle groups need to be worked. From SKULPT: “Aim evaluates how electrical current flows through each muscle to give you a precise quality reading. It analyzes thousands of data points in a fraction of a second to quantify the muscle quality and provide you with the most accurate results for each muscle.” Available May 2014 if fully funded. Pre-Order ($99+)

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