Limitless LED

E27 LED Light Bulb

Limitless LED has come up with a modern solution for your home’s lighting, by adding wifi to the common light bulb.  Starting at just $16 per LED smart-light, you won’t find a cheaper lighting automation solution that can perform like Limitless LED.  Available in basic white and color LED, you can now control your entire house’s lighting system with your smartphone.  Limitless not only allows you to control your lighting’s on/off capabilities, but offers seamless control of up to 4 zones of lighting. The white bulbs go from Warm White to Cool White, feature a nightlight mode and full brightness control.  The color bulbs offer the same features of the white bulb, through the full color spectrum.  The lights also have dozens of flashing color changing disco modes. The color starter kit comes with two color bulbs, a wifi bridge receiver box, remote, and the free app store LimitlessLED app for just $57. Video after the jump.

LimitlessLED iPhone controlled smart lights from LimitlessLED on Vimeo.

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  1. Hi,

    Is there a way or API interface to control limitlessLED through my web based application?


  2. Ravi, Unfortunately I believe they are only controllable over a wi-fi network at this time. So no turning lights off after you leave the house, but the expense is far less than bulbs that do have that functionality.


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