ION Glasses


Ion Glasses are an innovative new way to interact with your smartphone or tablet. Offered in both prescription and sunglasses, these stylish frames are more than just a pair of cool shades. The ION can operate as a remote control, can show you all sorts of notifications, and can even notify you if your phone or tablet is lost.  Made of a substance called TR90, otherwise known as ‘plastic titanium’, the ION is strong and durable, as well as incredibly flexible.

A 256 color LED located on the right temple of the frame can be customized to show all types of alerts, including but not limited to:  ‘a chat message, an SMS, an e-mail, a call, a social media update, an appointment or meeting’. Audible alerts can also be programmed easily using the application on your iOS or Android device.  The two small buttons on the ION glasses allow you to use the frames as a remote control for your devices camera, control music volume/track, and even enables you to control presentation slides. With the included app you can find your lost glasses and even your lost device using the glasses. Preorder ($89+)

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