Human Time Project HTP-M Watch


We’ve been wearing the HTP-M for a day or so now and our first impression is that this simple watch from Sainz’ Human Time Project is the perfect fit.  The 39mm size fits perfectly on the wrist, where the HTP-1 was a bit unwieldy, but was still a fun watch to wear for that same reason.  The M is, on a basic level, a shrunken version of the HTP-1.  But it is more than that. The smaller size gives it a more classic look, and makes the watch fit with anything you decide to wear.  The bands are interchangeable and support anything with a 20mm strap, so the possibilities are endless when it comes to selection and customization.  The Japanese movement is precise and reliable.

We’ve written about HTP watches before because we feel that Sainz is doing good with this business model.  For every watch purchased, another is sent to an aid worker in the field. This idea of giving resonates with us strongly, and we support HTP watches for this.

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