If you’re like us, you love being able to pull up all sorts of data about your vehicle at a moments notice. Typically you need expensive scan tools which are sometimes difficult to navigate.  The Drivebot looks to solve that dilemma. Think of it as a Fitbit for your car.  The Drivebot monitors all your car’s vitals and reports back to an app on your phone. Simply plug in to your car’s OBD-II port and connect the device to your smartphone over Bluetooth. When your car encounters an issue, such as the dreaded check engine light, the Drivebot will alert you and will diagnose what the problem might be. Drivebot will also remind you about scheduled maintenance when you have reached a certain mileage or time limit.  The device will also track your driving habits and teach you how to save money by driving more efficiently. Early adopters can get a Drivebot today for the 40% discounted rate of $75 from their indiegogo campaign.  Buy ($75)