Dragon NFX Snow Goggles

The Dragon NFX is a beast of a goggle… and that’s a good thing. This frameless goggle really makes a statement on the hill. The field of vision you get is unmatched, and the cylindrical lens exudes an 80’s vibe that’s sure to get some looks. Our set came with three separate lenses, so we were covered in all light conditions.  Swapping out lenses is a breeze, and the overall comfort/feel is great. We noticed that the armored venting on the top of the frame, and the dual, treated lens really helped to keep the goggles from fogging up. Buy ($180)


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  1. Does anyone know how well these would fit with a POC Receptor Bug? What I mean is no goggle gap like in the picture above it doesn’t fit very well

  2. Clint, the Receptor Bug appears to have a fairly flat front profile, whereas the Bern hard hat Baker helmet has more of a curve to it, giving me that lame ass Gaper-gap. We were testing the goggles on that trip and it’s the only helmet I had at the time. I think they’d fit the Bug much better, but I’ve never seen the two paired so I don’t want to steer you down the wrong path. Hope that is somewhat helpful to you. Thanks for visiting! Look for some snowboard/ski/winter gear reviews in the coming weeks.

    -GearPlug team

  3. Hi,
    Do you think NFX googles will fit with Bern Watts helmet? Or should I choose APX, I am a bit concern about it and Can’t find anywhere the possibility…


  4. I’d go with the APX as it has more of a curve up top and should fit that helmet better and reduce any bit of Gaper Gap.

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