Dollar Shave Club



We at GEARPLUG recently joined Dollar Shave Club because, well, we’re men. And men deserve a good shave without getting robbed. Dollar Shave Club has a very simple formula: For a dollar a month, members start with the Humble Twin, a twin blade razor that comes with five blade inserts. New blades come every month, or bi-monthly for those of us who grow facial hair at an alarmingly slow rate.  They also offer a $6/month four-blade unit and a $9/month six-blade razor called The Executive.  This is a great idea, and the Chairman Mike has vowed to donate a ton of the proceeds to charity, making it a good cause as well. We would recommend opting for the 4X or the executive, as the Humble Twin doesn’t quite give us the closest shave we would like. Sign up now!

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