Giant Vintage Sunglasses

Here at GearPlug, we tend to keep our readers updated on the latest and greatest new gear and gadgets.  This is not one of those posts.  Today we’d like to highlight a website that caters to “Genuine Vintage and Retro Sunglasses from the 70’s, 80’s and beyond…”. Continue reading Giant Vintage Sunglasses

iPhone 5

This Friday marks the release of the much hyped, and much anticipated iPhone 5 from Apple. Aesthetically, the phone is basically a 4S that has gone through a growth spurt.  The screen has grown to 4″ in size so that Apple can remain competitive with the computer monitor sized android phablets that seem to be coming out every other day.  Continue reading iPhone 5

Avoid getting the runaround on shades, get Knockarounds!

Image copyright Knockaround 2012

Finding decent priced sunglasses, that don’t break under the slightest duress is like telling Bear Grylls to not drink his own urine; it can’t be done. Fortunately, we can all rest at ease now (you too Bear!), since someone has  stepped up to the plate in the moderately priced sunglasses ballpark and is hitting grand slams. Knockaround Sunglasses, Continue reading Avoid getting the runaround on shades, get Knockarounds!

Shipping Container House Near Ludlow, VT

On my way to a great spring snowboarding day at Killington this weekend I noticed a peculiar sight as I was taking in the scenery that Route 100 has to offer. As I drove by Echo Lake near Ludlow I noticed perched by the roadside overlooking the lake a house constructed using 8 ISBU shipping containers. Continue reading Shipping Container House Near Ludlow, VT

GoPro HD wearable cameras

Naked Camera in Housing

I recently acquired a GoPro Hero 1080 HD $259 at GoPro camera and all accessories that are sold for it, and I must say I am quite impressed with some of the images this little device can capture. The basic principle of the tiny camera is a rough tough go anywhere, plastic encased unit that outperforms most in it’s segment.

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INCASE Snap Case for iPhone 4

Antennagate has provided many of us with options we may never have considered in the form of protective cases for the new iPhone. Apple’s solution to their new flagship devices’ signal issues, albeit a copout, was to administer a program to give out free cases to all who bought the phone. In addition to bumper cases made by Apple themselves, several cases from other manufacturers were also offered. I chose the clear snap case from INCASE.

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