Blacksmith Labs Premium Leathergoods

Just when you though the waist case was dead, Blacksmith Labs goes and reinvents the space in brilliantly elegant fashion with premium materials that last a lifetime, guaranteed.  Their current lineup features two gorgeous leather iPhone 5/5S cases called the Bruno and the Barrett. Coupon Code after the jump!

The Barrett is a very traditional case with a classic look and appeal. It features premium full grain cowhide leather and a precision machine stitched finish.  A metal button stud secures the leather closure securely.  The Bruno has more of a simplistic industrial look to it, and is our personal favorite.  It has most of the same features of the Barrett, but comes in a hand stitched finish for a more raw feel. For a limited time, the Bruno is also available in Horween chromexcel Premium Leather in Lapis Blue.  Horween makes some of the finest leather, and has done so for over 100 years using traditional tanning techniques.

The most impressive part of these cases is the metal belt clip. Blacksmith has re-engineered the flimsy plastic clip found on most cases and forged their piece from durable metal alloy that is  promised never to break or your money back.  The clip is available in three finishes: Brushed Gold, Gunmetal, and Chrome. It’s time to bring classy back to the belt clip case, and Blacksmith Labs has succeeded in this endeavor.  For the month of January, take $20 off at checkout with code: BSLLAUNCH.  Buy ($79+)


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