Avoid getting the runaround on shades, get Knockarounds!

Image copyright Knockaround 2012

Finding decent priced sunglasses, that don’t break under the slightest duress is like telling Bear Grylls to not drink his own urine; it can’t be done. Fortunately, we can all rest at ease now (you too Bear!), since someone has  stepped up to the plate in the moderately priced sunglasses ballpark and is hitting grand slams. Knockaround Sunglasses, has been hitting way above average for the past few years, by making stellar shades at extremely affordable prices. Not only are they relatively cheap, they’re extremely durable and comfortable.

In my daily battle against keeping the sun out of my eyes, I wear my Frosted Gray/Moonshine pair and they’ve stood against the sands of time, better than any other cheap/affordable pair of sunglasses that I’ve ever owned. Never again will I pay $60+ on a pair of sunglasses, when I know that I can spend under $30 (AT MOST!) and get amazing quality and comfort. Not only that, but I’m all for supporting someone who started out small, worked hard and persevered and so should you!

Image Copyright Knockaround 2012

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